Migraines, You're Breaking My Heart


If you have been reading my blogs, you know there is an important vascular component to migraines. In the previous posting, we talked about the relationship between migraines and stroke. There are also relationships between migraines and other processes including cardiovascular disease. Certain groups of patients with migraines may be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Studies have not always shown a consistent correlation between migraines and coronary artery disease, or chest pain, however other studies do seem to show a positive correlation with migraines. It appears that patients suffering from migraine with aura do have higher incidence of cardiovascular disease than the general population. However, the studies can be more complicated for patients that have cardiovascular diseases not related to migraines.

This makes it even more important to identify cardiovascular risk factors in patients with migraine. Smoking cessation, blood pressure control, and cholesterol control are especially important in all people but especially in patients with migraines who may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. If you have migraines, a healthy lifestyle is important for your brain and entire body. Eat healthily, exercise. Do not smoke and if you do, try your best to quit. Visit with your primary care doctor for appropriate prevention exams. What is good for your body Is good for your brain.

Dr. Sharisse Stephenson Dr. Stephenson is a Neurologist and a Board Certified Headache Specialist and Brain Injury Medicine Specialist. She has postgraduate training in neurological disorders and stroke management from Tufts University in Boston.

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